Taking Music and DJing to New Levels.

D:Fuse has been a true American success story-  performing live and producing music for over 14 years. His belief in music has carved out a discography of such varied taste that it is simply impossible to pigeonhole him into any one style. From the varied and lush down-tempo and house beats of his albums “Begin” and “Skyline Lounge” to the upfront big room progressive energy of albums “Clubbing in Lost Angeles Vol. 1 & 2”, D:Fuse knows how to create an intense journey. He’s released over 50 tracks and remixes in the last 4 years alone and released over 125 tracks since his career began. 
As a mix artist – he’s released 10 national mix compilations. From his beginning being picked for the legendary “Psychotrance” series to his own concepts with the “People” and “Human Frequency” series on Virgin and System records, D:Fuse has proven over and over again his ability to think outside the box and deliver musical soundscapes that go beyond the disposable.
D:Fuse has completed over 250 episodes for his show “The People’s Mix” on XM radio between 2001-2008. The show is now a hugely popular podcast that will hit the 200 mark soon.
2013 saw D:Fuse take a break from touring but his rhythmic stamp remains. He’s been hard at work on his 4th full-length studio album (with Dub Mechanics). His remix for Levente’s “Pitch Black” and his original track “A Little Higher” with Dub Mechanics charted in the Beatport progressive house top 10, and was picked up by numerous compilations including Baroque and Armada Records . His newest tracks continue to be rotated on mix shows worldwide including Groove Radio and Radio One. 
“After touring so much over the last 10 years I felt like I needed a break to focus on things. I took time out for myself and my music and it has done so many things for me,” says D:Fuse. “Now it’s time for me to get out there and do what I do best. I’m energized and fired up. Beware!”



1998- D:Fuse and producer Shane Howard team up to produce and press their own record out of Texas as Expansion titled “Feel”. The track is charted by Sasha, Timo Mass, John Digweed, and Danny Howells and it selected by Dave Seaman for his Global Underground release.
1999- He is picked by Urb Magazine as #15 in “The Next 100” and signed to then-legendary Moonshine records to be the next mix artist for the popular “Psychotrance” series. He is picked for the “Moonshine Over America” tour travelling and performing with Carl Cox and Christopher Lawrence
2001- D:Fuse officially goes “worldwide” with shows in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Ibiza, Canada, and Mexico and is picked to tour with Paul Oakenfold. Paul signs his track “She Rides” to Perfecto records and releases D:Fuse’s mix CD “People”. The two perform over 50 sold-out dates throughout North America
2003 – D:Fuse is featured on the cover of Urb and Remix Magazines and plays the main stage club tent at Coachella. Mixer magazine names him "America's Next Superstar DJ"
2004- Releases his first full-length artist album “Begin” featuring the hits “Everything With You” and “Living the Dream” with vocalist Jes. The tracks catapult Jes’s career into the spotlight. The Begin Tour hits 75 cities worldwide.
2005- D:Fuse is ranked in the top 35 DJs on the DJ Times poll and ranked in the top 15 progressive DJs in North America by the BPM Magazine poll. D:Fuse releases “People 3:Live” with live sets recorded in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX. The album features live drums, live guitar and keyboards with Mike Hiratzka and MC Flint. The “D:Fuse Live Xperience” hits the Ultra Music Fest live stage and major cities across the US.
2006- D:Fuse teams up with The Scumfrog, Static Revenger, and DJ Skribble to form live project DJs Are Alive. They headline the Winter Music Conference Dance Music Awards. The same year he launches the label Lost Angeles Recordings with Mike Hiratzka and the two write and release the album “Skyline Lounge” to massive DJ play and top reviews in M8, Urb, and DJ Mag Ukraine.
2008- D:Fuse releases “Thanks for Listening ’98-‘08” a singles compilation of D:Fuse hits remixed and remastered from the last 10 years.

2009- DJ Times names him in the "Top 20 people who have made an indelible print on America's Dance Music Culture"
2010 D:Fuse releases the mix CD “Human Frequency” and tours Turkey, India, and Ukraine with a headlining slot at the legendary Kazantip Festival opening party.
2012- D:Fuse releases “Human Frequency 2” and tours South America with stops in Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia and continues his tour schedule throughout North America. His remix of "Pitch Black" hits the progressive house top 10.
2013 – present -D:Fuse takes a break from touring to write a 5th studio album with Dub Mechanics titled “Animate” and continues remix work.

DJ. Producer. Remixer. Drummer. Vocalist. Musician. Human.
There are DJs who turn up and play tracks, and then there are DJs that redefine what a DJ does. That person is D:Fuse; a producer, drummer, and vocalist who has taken DJing and moved it into a new arena where live instrumentation, infectious energy and flawless music selection seats him in a classification all his own. This dynamic combination has earned D:Fuse a slot in the top 35 DJs in America 3 years running (DJ Times). As a producer, D:Fuse's tracks have appeared on Global Underground, Perfecto, System, Virgin, & Moonshine and his unique musical style is reflected in the variety of DJs who have hammered his tracks over the years; from Sasha & Armin Van Buren to Danny Howells, Danny Teneglia and Carl Cox. Welcome to the world of D:Fuse, where music never settles on one style; moving seamlessly between the parameters of house and progressive while always keeping a funky edge to move the floor. This is music beyond the ordinary. This is D:Fuse.

"For me, it's all about bringing that feeling to the people. Creating a dynamic journey with the music and playing live percussion to intensify the energy is part of that. I want the crowd to know that I'm not just there to play tracks. I'm there with them and feeling all the same things they're experiencing. When I'm in the booth or on stage something switches on inside me, and it all builds from there."
D:Fuse began his musical career in Austin, Texas writing and performing industrial music under the name "Culture Industry" as a drummer and singer before he turned to DJing. In 1998, he teamed up with his good friend Shane Howard to form Expansion. The two pressed their first two tracks themselves and circulated the vinyl at that year's WMC. Within months the singles "Feel" and "Listen" were being played out by Timo Maas, Sasha, John Digweed, Chris Fortier, Danny Howells, and a host of other leading DJs. "Feel" was also selected by Dave Seaman for his Global Underground "Buenos Aires" compilation and, within months, the D:Fuse name was known in the worldwide dance music scene.

In 1998, D:Fuse was signed to the premier electronic music label Moonshine Records, releasing three mix compilations and selling well over 120,000 CDs and singles on the imprint including his first solo club hit "Body Shock". In 2001, D:Fuse was plucked out of the Lone Star State for his DJ skills, by Paul Oakenfold. Two consecutive North American 'Perfecto' tours comprising over 50 sold-out dates ensued, plus DJ appearances in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Ibiza, Canada and Mexico. This was followed up with a double CD mix compilation for Oakenfold's prestigious "Perfecto Presents..." series (in conjunction with V2 Records in the USA). "People" was released in February 2002 and immediately entered the CMJ Chart at number 9. Perfecto subsequently released "She Rides" by D:Fuse & Joy. This track appeared on numerous Perfecto compilations as well as the huge-selling Gatecrasher mix series, achieving combined sales of over 200,000 units.

D:Fuse released "People_2: Both Sides Of The Picture", a 2xCD mix for System Recordings, in 2003. This compilation proved to be one of D:Fuse's most successful works to date, and further established his name as a producer, since this release featured eight new D:Fuse productions. He was featured on the cover of both REMIX and URB magazines, and joined the select list of performers at the legendary Coachella festival that same year.

In 2004, D:Fuse was voted URB magazine's #2 Winter Music Conference DJ. He also released his debut artist album "Begin" on System Recordings to much positive acclaim. Splitting recording time between England, Los Angeles and Chicago to create a varied musical landscape, "Begin" broke new boundaries. D:Fuse's signature fusion of electronic programming and organic instrumentation, plus inspired lyric writing and vocals, re-wrote all the rules of the DJ 'artist album'. This long-awaited debut received 4 star reviews across the board in the industry media, and the single release "Living The Dream" (featuring Jes of Motorcycle) quickly achieved combined compilation sales in excess of 140,000 units.

"Begin" finally provided D:Fuse with the artistic space he needed to care fully experiment with - and skillfully integrate - musical themes that had influenced him, and his unique sound, over the years: from lush downtempo to driving basslines, funky percussion, and memorable melodies. Accordingly, his live shows began attracting more varied audiences since his music was proving to be equally palatable to both house and progressive music aficionados. The accompanying "Begin" tour was a massive success and hit 75 cities throughout North and South America.

In 2005 D:Fuse saw his fan base grow significantly, being voted one of the Top 15 progressive DJs in North America per the influential BPM/djmixed.com poll. D:Fuse soon teamed up with Mike Hiratzka to produce what would become one of the year's most sought after remixes: "The Days Of Swine And Roses", originally recorded by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. This became the biggest selling single release from the popular "My Life Remixed" CD - a compilation of Thrill Kill Kult classic tracks remixed by various artists.

D:Fuse has always been a true innovator on the club scene, fusing live instrumentation with DJing in the form of live percussion for the past six years. In 2005 he unveiled "The D:Fuse Live Experience", a DJ/live instrumentation hybrid featuring D:Fuse on a full percussion set up, Mike Hiratzka on guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals, plus vocals by MC Flint. The show coincided with the live CD release of "People_3" on Moist Music, recorded at clubs in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX. The CD produced top reviews in REMIX and M3 magazines and on countless websites. The D:Fuse live tour was well received nationwide with capacity events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, New York City, Kansas City, and a headlining slot at Miami's 2006 ULTRA Music Fest.

D:Fuse's live show concept led to a team-up with The Scumfrog in 2006 to create their much-hailed project "DJs Are Alive" alongside DJ Skribble, Kristine W and Static Revenger. The project continued to spark the idea that DJ sets can inspire so much more, both audibly and visually.

In 2006 D:Fuse relocated to Los Angeles to launch a new record label (Lost Angeles Recordings), and produce a full length album, with his new production partner Mike Hiratzka. A full year of intense studio sessions produced "Skyline Lounge," D:Fuse and Hiratzka's most ambitious work to date. The album delved even further into the use of live instrumentation with guitars, bass and percussion. It also included violins by Govinda of 18th St.. Records fame, and featured guest vocal performances by Kristy Thirsk (Delirium) and DJ Rap, plus vocal performances by D:Fuse and Hiratzka themselves. "Skyline Lounge" stayed in the top 15 on the iTunes electonica chart five weeks in a row and was a heavy rotation pick on XM/Sirius chill, Below Zero FM in San Francisco, and Smoothlounge.com as well as a host of club mix shows world-wide.

Later that year D:Fuse unveiled his new live concept "Bring The Drums" residency to a capacity crowd at San Francisco's renowned Ruby Skye. The new show spotlighted D:Fuse performing on his most expansive drum kit yet, featuring his signature blend of congas and bongos plus tom-toms, snares and cymbals. D:Fuse rolled out the tour to cities across the nation and later brought "BTD" to tours in Asia and Eastern Europe; concluding the tour as a headliner at the massive closing party of the Kazatip festival in Ukraine drawing over 10,000 people.

In 2007 D:Fuse began work on his release "Thanks for Listening (The Club Singles '98-'08 Re:Mixed Re:Mastered)". He spent over a year in the studio completely reworking, remixing, and remastering his classic tracks into a 12 song package including "She Rides", "Everything With You", "Living the Dream" and a brand new collaboration with The Scumfrog titled "Stereo & Video". Tracks from the album were immediately hammered by Armin Van Buren, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Kosheen, Matt Darey, Solarstone, and Andy Moor and the album received solid reviews in M8, IDJ, and DJ Mag Ukraine as well as a plethora of websites internationally.

In 2004 D:Fuse celebrated his 250th "People's Mix" broadcast. D:Fuse also works to further good causes. In 2004 he co-created the "Beats Against Bush" tour alongside Richard Vission and worked nationally with the Drug Policy Alliance against the Rave Act.  

In 2009 D:Fuse wrapped up studio sessions with Mike Hiratzka to complete their newest mix album series titled "Clubbing in Lost Angeles" which featured 11 tracks from the Lost Angeles recordings catalogue. It seamlessly intertwines club hits like "Massif", "Perfection", and "Everything With You" with all new productions including "Tobias" and D & H remixes of Govindaís "Canít Forget The Day" and Nosmo & Kris Bís "One For The Road".

"Music is about life; music is about people. It is my life dream to bring music to the people. If I can make just one person lose themselves in the music, then I feel I'm giving something special back... from something I've been given."